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The Last Roof You Will Ever Purchase!
All-Weather Seal Metal-Roofing Systems are significantly popular as they have been market proven for almost a century! Our roofs are crafted to be the best roofing option and the last roof you will EVER have to have installed on your home.


Our Stone-Coated Metal Roofs bestow durability and enduring performance while improving the image and beauty of your property. All-Weather Seal Metal Roofs are the paramount roof fabricated to stand up to blizzards, damaging high winds and hail and they can even resist fires and remain appearing like new.

Shake Roofing:
The stone coated steel Ridgewood tile type provides all the advantages for clients who desire the appearance of wood shake combined with the sturdiness and security of steel metal roofs. Our premium stone coated metal roofing tiles will keep their good looks for decades without needing the high-priced service, upkeep and upgrade that accompanies natural wood shake roofs.

The stone coated steel Granite Ridge Shingles present the image of high-end architectural asphalt shingles, together with the lifelong endurance and strength of stone coated steel. Interlinking steel roofing sections with overlapping side seams and interlocking top seam hides all fastenings for a tidy, seamless watertight finish. Specialized interlocking fascia and wall finishing trims further improves the high quality finish.

Peace of mind is the end result of all home makeover jobs done by All-Weather Seal. All work is backed by a lifetime limited warranty to guarantee decades of worry-free satisfaction. Our service warranty is entirely transferable so that it not only safeguards you, but likewise the resale value of your house.

* see rep for full details. http://allweathersealinc.com

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