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CRS Locksmith praises and provides fundamental hints furnished by the (ALOA) Associated Locksmiths of America


CRS Locksmith is one of the most recommended mobile locksmiths in the Sacramento area. They are taking action to inform people about some common locksmith rip-offs. The locksmith endorses important business and safety tips published by the Associated Locksmiths of America (ALOA).


As stated by the local locksmith people needing emergency locksmith service are usually really vulnerable; accordingly, an honest and competent service provider is most valued. Unfortunately, there are a number of dishonest locksmiths who are going to take unfair advantage of their customers thru intimidation or trickery type practices to trigger a higher charge once they show up and evaluate the issue.


CRS Locksmith also instructs consumers that not all locksmiths are qualified. An unqualified locksmith might use methods that result in undue damage to a client’s automobile or house. Since most people calling are not masters in the field, they cannot identify whether the locksmith they contracted is using skilled lock picking techniques or simply faking their way through the work at the client’s cost.


Below is an overview of some safety tips furnished by the ALOA (Associated Locksmiths of America0:


  1. Validate their License. In the state of California, locksmiths are mandated to be certified. Accordingly, CRS Locksmiths advises that people ask to see a locksmith’s license.
  2. Locate a Locksmith Service provider beforehand. The local locksmith concurs that many people do not recognize possible need of a locksmith until the true need develops so he advises locating a competent, credible locksmith in advance while the mind is clear compared to a time when the predicament requires urgent locksmith service.
  3. Acquire a Quote before Service Commences. The local locksmith advises establishing the price in writing before having the home or auto locksmith do any service work. Otherwise, the customer loses their negotiation ability.
  4. Go over the Small print on the Receipt. CRS Locksmiths emphatically support the ALOA’s recommendation of getting a receipt ahead of the work being carried out and reading the fine print on that invoice. They suggest making certain that signed locksmith work agreements include details about terms, service guarantees, and what happens in the event of property damage coming from the work.
  5. Use Credit Cards — Not Cash. Though the local locksmith may like cash payments as much as any other service provider they vouch for the ALOA’s position on the safety issues surrounding cash. They warn that a reputable locksmith provider will gladly accept charge cards. A locksmith company that can only agree to cash may not a legitimate operation.

The ALOA is a non-profit organization providing standards for companies in the locksmith related service industry. They help authentic businesses distinguish themselves from the scammers or those managed by unqualified providers. They know that this ultimately helps the consumer, who does not always have the expertise to defend himself.


About CRS Locksmith: http://www.RocklinLocksmith.com

CRS Locksmith Services is licensed, bonded and insured, registered with the ALOA (Associated Locksmiths of America). Area home and business owners know they can turn to CRS Locksmith Services for a wide variety of services consisting of rekeying the residence or office, mounting new locks, replacing misplaced car keys, motorcycle keys, Motor Home and motorhome keys, “laser cut” keys, program keys, ignition repair and so much more. The local, mobile locksmith meets the consumer where they are, at home, office or stranded car with keys lost or locked inside.

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